Yolanda and Son Natu'Okomii in his Cradle Board at her vendor stand


Itchik diiawakaam! It is good to see you!

Welcome to my store!

My name is Yolanda GoodVoice, I am a citizen of the Apsaalooke Nation (Crow Tribe) located in Montana. I was born and raised on the Crow Reservation. I have always been artistic, even while pursuing education in Business. My parents worked their butts off to make sure I was raised in the Crow culture of my father. I have been dancing since I was in diapers, attending and participating in Native American Church, Sweet Lodge, Sun Dance and the Catholic church since just as early.  I feel blessed in so many ways by the Creator. I am a wife and a mother of 4 children.

My name Sweet Sage Woman was given to me in the Native American Church by my grandmother Frances Gardner OldDwarf. She received it in the Sundance.

For many years I was inspired to create clothing and accessories reflecting my unique culture. When an opportunity came along, I began working on my business. It was when I was finally coming out of a cloud of depression and pain. My products are designed by me to reflect the Apsaalooke's unique cultural identity. 

Baaalaxíileetash (Baa-aa-la-hhee-lay-desh)"I am Fearless" is my first design. I worked and prayed over this design. It represents not only my heritage as an #Apsaalooke woman, it also represents going on with life in a #baaalaxiileetash way. Pushing and persisting after depression of life and death have nearly killed you. Stand up! Walk fearless in life!

“Baaalaxiileetash, I go barging in, fear tries to stop me, fear tries to hold me, I push it off. Flick it aside and say no! I am fearless! You have no power over me! You have no control! I am courageous, I am powerful, I will persist. I will win! “

My second design is called "I Love Me!" the design features roses, bitterroot flowers and wood sorrels. I felt that I needed to represent the floral designs of my tribe as well. I also feel its is so important for each of us to love ourselves. I have found such happiness in loving and accepting myself unconditionally. Especially after a lifetime of struggling with self worth, self esteem and overall self image. The creator created each and everyone of us. We are each unique and loved unconditionally by the Creator!

My most recent design is called "Centered"  I named it centered because I feel that our lives are better when we are centered in who we are as individuals. Centered in where we come from, our place in our culture. I also created these reflecting the "red road" of sobriety, as I walk the road of sobriety for 13 years.  I also used the colors of red and turquoise reflecting the colors of the Native American church. the light of the morning and the dark where we start our prayers.

Thank you for coming!